Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Making Bows


Time for me to admit one of the failings that has bedevilled me all my life. I have never been able to tie bows. Not the nice little ones where the loops and the ends run the same direction.

Once, I admitted this to a friend, who blithely said "Just tie reef knots". I am quite used to them, having spent a long time around the Scout Association. I know how to tie them behind my back in the dark with gloves on.

But it didn't do them any better.

Then, suddenly, when I was making the bows for the Tree Decorations, it hit me. You tie the first half of the reef knot, manipulate them a bit (ie pull the right bits), and you have a perfect little bow.


So there was I making them up and cackling like a witch in Macbeth.

So on the tree decorations, the system was:

Tie a loop of cord with an overhand knot. Let the ends hang out a little, and tack it to the top front of the decoration, using Madeira Metallics Old Gold. Then tack on the bow.

Bring the thread to the front from the back, pick up two seed beads, one feature bead and two seed beads, and go through the ribbon to the back. Tie off.

If you don't like seeing the stitches on the back, sew a small pearl button over it.

And life is easier if you remember to insert the loop before sewing the two pieces together - but then you don't have the ends to hang down. I could thread beads onto those ends too.


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