Sunday, 26 September 2010

Now for the Pansy Vest


Last work has been finished on the Dragon Vest. I needed to knock back the green satin - Melody suggested seaweed for her Water Dragon, but that didn't work as I liked the way the dragon was swimming along the seam, using it as the surface. So clouds it had to be.

Now, all I need is a large flat surface, a pattern, lining fabric and a sewing machine, all in the one place. It might be a loooong time. In the meantime, there is a humungously large version of the whole vest HERE. The final one of Clementina is HERE.

So now, I am getting out the silks. I have been working with cottons for a long time, and am going to enjoy working on the Pansy Vest. You can watch it HERE. It is scary - it is not in my Journal, which started in October 2004, so it is from before then. It is from a vest round robin - I know Bear was in it, and I think I can see the work of Catherine. Other than that - I need access to m RR books.

In the meantime, here it is:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am once again insprierd by your work Chloe

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