Friday, 24 September 2010

Back Again

I've been a little bit quiet for a while - but have been stitching again over the next few days as I am sitting after a bit of a knee operation. So look out Dragon Vest, here I come.

But I have been meaning to put this post out there for a while. I was out at Mirboo North, and spied Nanna's Cupboard - lovely little shop, full of interesting things. Because I have been out of circulation for a while, I didn't realise there is also a new local thread supplier there - from Mirboo North too. Cottage Garden Threads has a range of hand-dyed cottons - I could only pick up one at the time, but the blog linked abovehas some interesting local stockists - looks like good reason for a shop-crawl.

Mirboo North3

It was a bit of pleasant serendipity that Mirboo North had just finished holding a Recycling Festival, so there were a few "re-use" items in the window at Nanna's. Including the beautiful tea cosy above.

And I was really taken with the quilt by Rebecca Bale (her first), of recycled shirts:

Mirboo North1

Not quite Crazy Patch, but beautiful. And could be very easily adapted to CQ - wonderful way to get a similar/matching palette. Maybe I'll have a go when I get a few UFOs out of the way.

In the meantime, one of those Cottage Garden Threads is working up quite well on my dragon vest. Back soon.

(Did I mention - Nanna's Cupboard also serves coffee, cake and lunch, and has some rather nice notions. I really liked the baked spud for lunch - which is appropriate, given that spuds are the main export from Mirboo North)


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