Friday, 24 September 2010

Back at the Dragon Vest


This vest is now getting very close to finished - except how do you decide when you HAVE finished? Here I was wanting to quieten down the satin around that lovely little cross-stitch dragon (must check who did it). I used the Cottage Garden Threads, one strand at a time, and it came out of the needle very well. I like it.

You can see what it was like before HERE.

I also did a bit of work on the Rock-Rack seam above it. It came back with a zig-zag of thin metallic thread to hold it in place, and beads, but I decided to experiment with adding the Fly Stitch and Detached chain on the edges - and I quite like the result. Might even make me use Rick Rack a bit more.


The trouble is - now I want to knock back the green satin around the head of the other dragon, above it. I think this was Melody's Water Dragon. Trouble is - the little green dragon needed some company, like the stylised smoke around it. And at this stage, I think that is the last thing the Water Dragon needs.

Time for more thought.


Blogger Sharon said...

L - this is a work of art - I would love to see it one day... P and I drove to Yarragon the other day... I thought of you as a matter of fact P mentioned you on the way up - he remembered that you came from that far away

10:01 am  

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