Sunday, 9 May 2010

Amy, a Spirit Doll


This is Amy, a Spirit Doll. I was making them for the Comfort Doll Project (well, I made three), but Amy was never finished. Now she is.

The Comfort Doll Project is a wonderful project, but I have decided I need to start one of my own, closer to home. But I do commend it to anyone who would like to help a sister.

Some of you may know that up until December, I was caring for my Mother at home, and that two days before Christmas, she went into care. So the workload I had changed - I was able to come back on a limited basis, but am still committed to daily visiting and many, many trips to Melbourne (our state capital, now only two hours away), for specialist medical care for her.

So this means I am also visiting the hostel where she is living, where there are about 50 women (and a few men), in her wing alone. Today is Mother's Day, and we have Mum here at home with us. Of the fifty-odd women, my mother was only the third to be picked up and taken out - and we were not early. Some were having visitors, and hopefully many more will be taken to their families this afternoon.

But many of them never have visitors.

Most have small wheelie walkers that they push around, many have funny little animals on them - helps them to recognise which is theirs. And the other day the auxilliary had their six-monthly stall, and I didn't have anything to put on there. So next September, I will. I think if I can make a few of these, and put them out for residents to buy at a really nominal price, those who really want them can choose the one they want. Limit of one per person.

The only problem I have, is I think I want to put wings on Amy, and make her into an angel. And I really want to start sewing on Bonnie (can you see the pattern - I think that is her name), and I don't have the fabric or machine at this house.

Stand by!


Blogger Brenda Hutchings said...

Linda, Amy is wonderful. I also think it's a great idea that you are starting your own "project" closer to home. To me that makes wonderful sense and am excited to watch your journey through this. Even though I've only been heading this for the past 5 months, it has brought more to me than I could ever have imagined. Smiles, Brenda

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