Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Sixth Block finished

Apple Blossom 5h

The Sixth Block is finished. Time to make three more.

The bad news is that the sides are far from straight. The good news is that I am really not worried. I don't want 'orribly straight lines, and she'll be right on the day.

You can see how I have taken a bit of the impact out of the green block on the bottom with the white stitching, and the same with the green along the edge of the white block on the lefthand side. And totally the opposite, I have put a very "quiet" edging along the top right-hand corner, so nothing argues with the vine that is there.

I was looking for a way to add a centre to the tatted motif - so just doodled with all the leftover pink thread. I only have two colours of pink in the bag - maybe I need another, a very soft pink.

But in the meantime - I am off to play with the squares on my cork board. And resist any temptation to sew them together now.


Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Linda, this is just so pretty! I'm thrilled to see you stitching on it again!


9:32 am  

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