Sunday, 4 April 2010

Vine Finished

Apple Blossom 5f

The vine is finished.

It would have been better had I known ahead I was going to do this, and completed the long green seam in an off-white. I tried to do the vine in as different a green as possible, but it is still a bit lost on that side.

But I can try this again on a future block.

The full process is over on my Flickr page. If you are trying to find it months after I posted, you may be better in the Apple Blossom set.

One thing I have discovered - I work from two different scanners, and the colours between them are quite different. Strange!


Blogger FredaB said...

Hi Linda and w elcome back. You have been missed. I kept checking your blog and no Linda then I didn't look for a bit and here you are. I sure do remember the apple blossom quilt squares you were doing.

Hopefully you will be with us for awhile now.



7:15 am  

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