Sunday, 26 February 2006

Stitching Along


A start has been made on stitching my block for Sharon's classes. And I immediately struck a snag.

The first thing I did was put the bottom corner of my block in a hoop, tension it and embroidered the scallops (from a stencil), and a seam along the green bias binding. I like using bias binding like this, like a sort of piping.

The problem is that I hadn't properly caught the ivory silk to the right of it under a seam, so I didn't spot that it was pulling out there and along the join with the pink to the right. The foundation is the same colour and the piece of doily similar, so I didn't spot it until later.

So at this point I have added the start of an extra seam on the ivory silk to hold that piece, and started colouring the acorns and oak leaves to hold the rest of the silk in place. I need to press it now to get the silk to shape to the patch area again, rather than buckle.

I am left with a few options - I could cut back the most jagged piece of fabric, along the line of the pink, and put something else along it, as the foundation is so similar in colour. I think I am going to fully fill in the oak leaves and acorns with stitching, which will make them less "white", so can then afford the white tatting along there - maybe.

Having created the strong green bias line, I like the way the white tatting breaks it again.

I might also do some in blue, and audition that too. Or move the white right down the seam and build up a button trail there as well.


Think I will think about it a little longer, and go and put the tatting on my Breast Cancer Block.


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