Sunday, 5 February 2006

Breast Cancer Block 2


Here is the next stage of the Breast Cancer Block. It is, as several guessed, a Heart - not a pair of boobs (I hope that term is international), but that is an interesting idea.


The squishie goes to Jo in New Zealand for the closest guess - she said the magic words of "Chicken Scratch". Nobody picked purple - which did surprise me.

This Heart will, I think be laced around some acid-free cardboard, with a little bit of wadding to make it a bit more 3D, and then sewn down onto the block.

I think it will then have fine, off-white tatting around it - but I am not sure. The little bit of foundation has been left there to give me an idea of what it will look like. I keep looking at the thumbnail size to see how it looks:


Maybe it needs just a smidge of red in the bottom left corner. Maybe just red ribbon coming out before I sew down the Heart???

For the technical, this is how the Rose and Chicken Scratch were added. You can see a little bit of blurring down the bottom where I tried drawing on the waste canvas.


After this picture, the waste canvas was removed (12 count, for the technically inclined), and the weaving was then added. The Chicken Scratch was worked in Perle 12 DMC crochet cotton.

I still have something extra to go on the actual Heart, but that gets added right at the end.

Right now I am off to work on the background block. Not sure what I am going to do there yet - colours or all gold????

Anyone like to make a block as well? Due in the USA on 1 April. Details are HERE.


Blogger Sharon said...

Well I thought a heart might be too obvious... So I tried a lateral answer and because it was for breast cancer I just put two and two together and got five!!!! :-)

5:38 pm  

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