Sunday, 5 February 2006

Landscapes - continued

Landscape Three has been found -


This one is bright, and where I moved away from the JBM formula. I scrunched up the foreground and ironed it down with a hot iron and damp cloth. Then I sort of shaped and singed the edges of that fabric, then lifted them up out of the way for a while. Then I just flipped and sewed across the base, from left to right.

Probably the technique is shown better in Landscape Four - which has only just been pieced, with a little bit of sewing:


This one always tempts me to hang it as it is - an exploration of the relationship between solids and patterns.

I still have a few gems by friends to post - just waiting for permission.

But in the meantime, the Landscapes are all building up in my Flickr Landscape set, and I am off to stitch. Will have the stuff I have been working on for my Breast Cancer block later today.


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