Saturday, 4 February 2006

Landscape UFOs

I have been looking through my UFOs, and seeing what else there is that I have to admit to (and therefore finish). And found these, trying to hide in the bottom of a box. Both are unfinished, and are from classes I took with Judith Baker Montano a few years ago.

This is the first.

Landscape1 - unfinished

It is supposed to represent the view from near my home, where the plains suddenly rise to form mountains. I've just been ferreting around in my files, and found this picture from here (and inspired a little by Sandy posting her scenery pics).


So JBM didn't really like what I was doing, as she teaches perspective, and all that sort of thing. So in my next class with her, I took some curtain samples (all in the same palette), and this is the result - also unfinished:

Landscape2 - unfinished

But the problem was - I forgot to take any fabric for the sky. So this is calico, painted blue and the sandstorm (this is my Central Australian block) is squelched teabag. I'm not happy with the righthand rock.

There is one more to come, also unfinished, but I need to get the camera out. Maybe it will be up later today. The third one is much more advanced, and quite, ummmm, different.

You will find landscapes in this style scattered throughout the various Judith Baker Montano books - I do have to say that some of hers are stunningly beautiful.

Yesterday we visited a wood exhibition at Orbost - ever noticed how many crazypatchers have partners who are woodies????? That site is being a bit difficult for me in Mozilla, but is oaky in IE. Here is my favourite piece.

And I didn't get enough stitching time yesterday to have a post ready on my Breast Cancer block. But today is stitching time, so it will come.


Blogger abeautifulcraft said...

Linda, your landscapes are beautiful and the scenery from your area is beautiful! One day I hope to try one of these, from 'me area'... I think the painted sky is a really nice effect.... Hugs

2:18 pm  
Blogger Dawn said...

Linda . . . . I love your landscapes! especially the one that JBM didn't care for . . . funny too, as I love her work as well. 'Someday' I would like to do a landscape block.

9:31 pm  

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