Friday, 27 January 2006

Breast Cancer Blocks

Thanks to Freda and Judyth for the Guidelines.

The deadline for blocks is 1st April, so that I can do. And I do like this project - it is one of the oldest ongoing ones in crazypatching (if not the oldest), and does always deliver.

Kate has given me the okay to post them here, as the wider they spread, the better. But I haven't put Kate's e-mail out there on an unprotected page - please contact me if you would like her e-mail to write and volunteer a block, and to get the address to send it to.


The Crazy Quilt Benevolent Society is sponsering its 8th annual fundraising event for breast cancer research and the advancement of crazy quilting.

There will be two different color choices this year for CQ blocks.

***Monotone Blocks:

Use the same color family on the whole block such as white on white (see example on my eboard on the conference tab--2005 blocks), purple, pink, blue, yellow.... any color is acceptable.

***Jewel-toned blocks:

Use jewel toned fabrics such as red/ruby, blue/sapphire, green/emerald, yellow/topaz, black/onyx.

DO NOT USE WHITE FABRIC on the jewel toned blocks. Embellishments may be white.



1. Cut foundation fabric 7 1/2 inches square. (I will trim blocks to size later)

2. Center and mark a 6 1/2 inch square on the back of the block. (This is the edge of the block. Do not embellish past this mark.)

3. Center and mark a 6 inch square inside the this square. (This is the seamline)

4. Center and mark a 5 1/2 inch square inside that square. (DO NOT SEW beads or buttons beyond this point. They will have to be removed so I can sew the squares together)

5. COVER the entire block with fabric.

6. Embellish the block any way you wish. Suggested embellishments are your initials and or the date. (see the block on my eboard as an example, on the conference tab.)

7. Write your name and where you are from on the back of your quilt block.

8. Write to me privately to volunteer a bloack. [Kate's e-mail available from Chloe at kapana(at)] I will give you my snail mail address when you are done with the block.

9. CQ blocks are due at my house in Chillicothe, Illinois by April 1st, 2006.

10. We request that you send $5.00 with the block to help defray the cost of making the quilts. If you send more than one block, $5.00 is all that is necessary. People outside the U.S. who volunteer a block do not need to send money. It is too difficult to change different currencies. The donation is not mandatory, but very helpful to those of us who make the quilts each year.

Anyone can join the Crazy Quilt Benevolent Society fundraiser even if you have never made a crazy quilt block before in your life. It's a great opportunity to raise money to help all women
every where.

The blocks will end up 6 1/2 inches square, but PLEASE cut the foundation fabric bigger than that, following the guidelines above. I will trim them to size later.


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A very worthwhile cause Linda,
I look forward ro seeing what you create

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