Thursday, 2 February 2006

Robyne Melia

Part of my fun yesterday and today has been a "discovery" of Robyne Melia, a fibre artist and gardener from outer Melbourne. Robyne teaches crazy patchwork and other needlework all over Melbourne - these are two of her gift cards


I am totally enraptured with her style - which is totally stitching on the example with the dragonfly. I am not sure yet if she adds anything other than thread to her work.

Robyne also designs patterns (is that the right word?) for fibre sculpture and other works - and has a blog bobbyla. She recognises this has limitations - and hopefully will be changing/moving soon. But, in the meantime, you can use it to check out where she is teaching. Just watch out that a lot of the posts are contracted, and you have to look for a little "more" to click.

And I cannot find photos for all her card range. Would love to be able to check them out.

I'm looking forward to following Robyne around the blogosphere.

LATE NOTE: you should be able to see pictures of all Robyne's cards HERE.


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