Sunday, 22 January 2006

St Clare as a Heart

It has been very hot here for the last few days, although we had a real tropical storm (which is not usual), two days ago. Today they are saying 43 degrees, which is 109 in the other scale. So I am staying inside with both cricket and tennis on TV.

There are uncontained bushfires near, too, although we are quite safe here. From what I can work out one front is currently burning right through where we had our Christmas picnic.

In the meantime, I have finished Heart #16 for Ulla in Sweden.


The largest version is HERE.

This is St Claire, the Patron Saint of Embroiderers, at her hoop.

I am particularly happy with the Chicken Scratch on the right - I have been trying to get that pattern for a while - now I just want to try it on an even larger area.

And I am happy with the vine. It ended up being Feather Stitch with a single Fly Stitch worked on each arm - I like Fly Stitch, it is so precise.

And the tatting is my own work. Think I will go and make another, only finer. I have somewhere in mind for it, just have to organise ways and means.


Blogger Sharon said...

This one is very lovely L... How is the heat where you are?????

3:08 pm  
Blogger sandra said...

Beautiful, I love the tatting!

2:47 am  

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