Friday, 20 January 2006

Macaroni Monologues

Last one for me for the morning - but I must tell you about Macaroni Monologues - a blog that began on 1 January and is a fun read. Marcia has tried a few different craft/sewing things - and if we all drop over and say "Hello", she might start doing crazy-patch. Would be fun to see what she made. I enjoyed the dolls - a Gardening Angel appeals.


Blogger kay susan said...

What a fun blog, terrific dolls. Thank you for the link.

7:20 am  
Blogger Jeff Maccarone said...

I'm her son and I was so thrilled to see her blog linked as numbero 1 on's return. She will be so happy =]

p.s. your layout with the patchwork background is really pleasing to the eyes.. good colors. (as a graphics designer, i have to point stuff like that out. )

8:03 am  

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