Saturday, 21 January 2006

Book- Quilted Bags and Purses


Borrowed this one from my local library - and have to say I am rather glad I didn't buy it sight unseen from a catalogue.

It is Quilted bags and purses by Mary Jo Hiney, a Sterling/Chapelle, various distributors - in Australia Capricorn Link. ISBN 1-4027-0201-9. 144 pages, hard cover. Appears to be 2005.

I am sure it is a nice book - but it just didn't grab me or inspire me. There are a few different shapes for totes, and I am sure the instructions for making them up are wonderful.

So I won't buy - but may well borrow again from the library.

Nice places, Libraries. And with computers, the more we borrow the needlework books, the more they might spot there is a readership out there for them. And the more they might buy.

Why not ask in your local library if they have a way of recording requests for books/types.

Why not check out their catalogue, to see what else they have in their system.


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