Saturday, 7 January 2006

My Library 6

Here is the Meryl Potter Crazy Patchwork book I was talking about the other day. It is one of the two main Australian books - although I am not even sure it is still in print.


It is Crazy Patchwork (Lothian Craft Series) by Meryl Potter. Lothian Books, 1997 (reprinted 1998), 72 pages p/back, ISBN 0 85091 797 2. It is project-based, although it has a "stitch library". It is a good basic beginner's book, although I have to say the projects don't excite me much.

And the same could be said of the other, being a good book for a beginner, although some of the projects (a pink cq dinosaur!) are a little more different. There is, for example, a beautiful evening jacket, and some nice vests, and a good armchair caddy.


The full title for this one is Creative Crazy Patchwork, by Heen Moore and Theresia Stockton, Fairfax (although mine has a sticker saying it is now distributed by Sally Milner), 1998. 80 pages, ISBN 1 86343 298 1


Blogger Maureen said...

Happy Anniversary Chloe!
I don't have the first book,but I do own the Creative Crazy Patchwork.

11:08 am  
Blogger Sharon said...

Congratulations L!!!!! And you have JUST what I am looking for... You have a fish!!!!! I will email you...S :-))

11:26 am  

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