Monday, 26 December 2005

My Library 3

I have the most wonderful DH, and this is one of two books he gave me for Christmas.


It is a companion book to this one, which I already had:


When I got the Embroidery Stitch book, I don't know why, I just assumed it was an Australian edition of an English book, but now looking at the silk ribbon one, I think they may have both come out of Australia, but assume they are distributed elsewhere as well.

The Silk Ribbon Embriodery Bible is by Joan Gordan (who appears to be Australian), as was published in 2005 by Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0 7318 1261 1. It is 256 pages, hard cover, bound with the most wonderful large spring, that means it opens flat.

Two of the Australians who have designs in are Robyn Alexander (from Colourstreams) and Jenny Bennett (Jenny Bee from Sale, near me).

The Embroidery Stitch Bible, by Betty Barnden (who appears to be English), was published 2003 (I have the 2004 reprint), by Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0 7318 1175 5, and is 256 pages, also in the same lovely binding - which is what attracted me to it first. This one was $(Aust)36.95

The thing I like about these books is that there are heaps of very-easy-to-follow instructions. I was a bit thrown in the silk ribbon one to see Pistil Stitch called "extended French Knot", but I guess I can live with that sort of thing - happens all over the place.

I don' know if there are any others in the series - there in nothing in either to indicate, but I have a funny feeling I have seen a "Quilter's Bible" or similar in the same format.

Anyone know of any others???? Because I was really happy to add this one to my bookshelf.


Blogger Tosh said...

Hi Linda,
That ribbon embroidery bible looks great. I also assumed it to be an English book and would be impossible to get here. Thanks for the details. I will add it to my "must get" list. In the series I think there is also a beading bible and there is a Cross stitch one, which I have got. The title is "The Cross Stitch Motif Bible" By Jan Eaton. ISBN: 0-7318-1260-3.

Hope that is helpful.

Hugs Tosh.

9:01 am  
Blogger Sharon said...

We have had both of those through our shop L - I know that because I seem to be the only crafty one and keep tidying and putting 'like kind' together - I believe there are more in the series...

11:54 am  
Blogger EvaP said...

If you go to you can find many more "bible's"

I found this:

The Beader's Bible
by Claire Crouchly

The Quilter's Block Bible
by Celia Eddy

The Cross Stitch Motif Bible
by Jan Eaton

The Bead Selector's Bible
by Elise Mann

The Quilter's and Patchworker's Stitch Bible
by Nikki Tinkler

Quilter's & Patchworker's Colour Mixing Bible
by Celia Eddy

8:14 am  

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