Monday, 26 December 2005

My Library 4

This is the second book my lovely DH gave me for Christmas - I have all her other books, so had to have this one.


The formal details are: Crazy Quilt Decor by J.Marsha Michler, published 2005 by kp books, an imprint of F+W Publications of Wl (where-ever that is, in the USA. Why do they always assume everyone overseas knows their abbreviations?). ISBN 0-87349-765-1. 144 pages, paperback.

The book is project-based, and there are probably not a lot of things in there I would make - mine is not that sort of household. I can imagine what DH would say if I put crazy-patch scallops along the top of a shower-curtain! So I guess there are only so many wall hangings you can have.

However, what fascinates me is the way her style has changed, and how she puts colours and stitches together. And there are a couple of totes in there I like, and the pattern for the Japanese money bag.

And just to look again and again at her Far-East Fanfare quilt. This book has gone a little overboard for me on tassels, but they do make me think about how she uses them. And her Hearts that start each section cause me to think.

And, that is what it is all about, after all. Jumping off from one idea to another.

A lovely book for that.


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