Saturday, 19 November 2005

Gloria's Apron

A week or so ago we had a wonderful explosion of Dutch embroidery called Dootstopwerk, on this blog and over at Googies Garden. If you toodle over there, and scroll down, you will see a closeup of the work on this apron, plus a sampler piece on dark blue. The fabric used is a special one that has the lines woven on the top for the embroidery to be woven under (if that makes sense).

On Thursday Gloria brought this apron (and another, post soon, it is cross stitch) to class, and we were all so lucky to actually have it there to look at.


The large version of the apron photo is HERE and my posts on it were HERE and HERE.


Blogger Gina E. said...

I thought Chicken scratch on gingham was complicated, but this leaves C'scratch for dead! Well, not really I guess, but it looks so much nicer on the woven fabric, doesn't it?

1:12 am  

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