Saturday, 19 November 2005

Crazy Quilting in Ecuador

Check out Momo Mare over in Flickr. Wow. She is a missionary in Ecuador, and has even made a peacock using waste canvas.

On the line of "Things meant to happen" - her name is Marilyn. I am about to reveal a deep, dark secret. My middle name is Marilynn.

(Growing up as Linda, where there was an advert, in Australia at least, of "Sleep wonderfully warm with Linda", for electric blankets, I had enough problems at school. I wasn't revealing my second name - "Who do you think you are? Marilyn Monroe". The double n is another story, but too long for here).

Nice to find another Marilyn who quilts.


Blogger momomare said...

Thanks Linda! You are making me feel famous :-) In Spanish our name sounds like Maw-ree-leen. Of couse, then they have to add, "oh, Maw-ree-leen Mon-ro-yay." (In Spanish the "o's" are a long "o" sound) So, I can relate. I have actually known only 3 Marilyn's in my life. Interesting- but I didn't go through the "heather" "joshua" thing of having five others in my class with the same name.

1:06 am  

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