Friday, 13 May 2005

Peacock Block #21

I am still working away on the Great Peacock UFO - I really want to finish it, but have a few round robins arriving, so need to work on them for a while. But, as I get near the finish, it really is calling out to me just to work through and finish the whole thing. Which also means I am not experimenting - I am just using a few similar seam treatments and beavering away joining sets of blocks.

Peacock Block 21

This block is a number of offcuts just cobbled together to make a block to carry the motif. It has been dyed with Oze-craft dyes and then embellished. I extended the branch that appears on the motif out behind the bird (using Coral stitch), to try and make it look a little less like a Motif just plonked on there.

I really like the paste fake gems on the tail, but didn't have enough of the darker blues and greens to do the whole job - but I still like the effect.

And I have discovered my reel of green Sulky machine thread that I am using more and more - it is what I used to sew down the tail.

The flower bottom left is a failed experiment, now with a red paste gem in the centre - suddenly it was exactly right, and is being used to break up a long joining line.


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