Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Catherine's DYB finished

Catherine's DYB is now finished - one commitment written off (I am dividing up into commitments and UFOs - commitments are for other people, or have other people waiting for them [deadlines], UFOs are things for me, that are seductive in that they don't have deadlines).

This has been a beautiful block, as it is very 3D and irregular. The 3D I had to address, the irregular will be Catherine's challenge when she gets it home. Hopefully people will be able to see the set develop on Peggy's Forum - you need to be signed in to see the pictures, then go to the Doing Your Block Forum.

The central part of the embellishing is a rose from a Semco miniature, using waste canvas, and the pink flower near the tatting is an ear-ring that told me it had to go there. But the most fun I had was with the top lefthand corner. It was already very 3D, so I cut a slit in the front, poured in a mix of two different coloured seed beads and then feather-stitched the slit shut and used it also to divide the area up and give texture.

Just looking - maybe it isn't finished yet. I think I could "hide" a few tiny beads and a "gem" in that green ruffle bottom right.


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