Sunday, 30 January 2005


Sharon was asking if my blog is helping me with my UFOs.

Time will tell. This is not a good month to check - being holidays, with more time. At the start it really made me work in an organised way, but now the RRs have hit again, and two a month takes a fair bit out of me - plus the Tsunami block. And another project (the Suffragette block) has a deadline. And I lost a bit of the month with finishing my Journal (paper, published, history-type. Real life work, non-cyber).

But it makes me want to work on UFOs in an organised way, so I have stages I can show off to say they are finished. But I am firmly prioritised (built into me, I am the punctual type). First I do my RR commitments (but I very easily put them aside if they are early) and they have to be finished before I work on the UFOs. My biggest challenge is not going off and starting things that are NOT RRs or UFOs - like, right now, I want to make more mobile phone covers.

And that poor naked block from the Peacock Wall Hanging is just creeping lower and lower down the pile.
Naked block
So here it is, just to remind me. But then, I haven't had this blog for quite a month yet. And I have done a fair bit on this block, but not quite ready to show it off. But Miracles may happen.


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