Saturday, 29 January 2005

Mobile Phone Cover III

Just a few more thoughts on that mobile cover (with the benefit of sleep, and a cup of coffee!).

Firstly, the dimensions of the block, before making up (ie with seam allowance) is about 10cm x 14 cm. So I had to cut about 2cm off what was previously going to be a stubby needlebook. It was done as a RR block with my class (Margaret, if you are reading this, I really hope the green flystitch I had to cut off wasn't your work! If it was - sorry).

Secondly, although the "height" is fine, I would probably make it about 1.5cm narrower - to make the phone fit a little more securely - at the moment it slides out a bit too easily.

I just had to grab whatever fabric was at hand (not much) to make it up - I chose felt for the back to give some protection, but that is what has made the corners so rounded - I don't mind them, but a CWA judge would sure mark me down for them!

However the felt is white, and I live on the corner of two unsealed roads, and my car is always full of dust. I think white may be a very poor choice for this cover, and there will be a new one in autumn tones, fast. I do have some brown suede I am considering for backing - but then, I might CQ both sides too.

I didn't have any cord handy to make the strap, so did a quick plait of perle cotton, two ribbon floss and some gold crochet yarn. With time on my side I would have made a double length and then twisted them to make a more substantial cord. Or made one in Kumihimo. Or made three plaits and then plaited them again.

For the ends of the cord I just knotted them and sewed the knots against the sides at the top. I think there is a way I can work out later with beads and cords so it can be either a short or a long strap, as required. Later. Later. Much, much later.


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That is so lovely, and what a wonderful idea!

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