Saturday, 29 January 2005

Oh My Sainted Aunt!!!!!

Oh My Sainted Aunt is Right!!!!

I just did a Google Search to see if my blog came up on Google. It does, along with two other blogs also called Chloe's Place. One of the posters started at six days of age.

And a couple of web pages of the same name - one belonging to a rather cute Daschaund.

But at least 95% of the hits were for an "adult movie" freely available on the internet, with the same name. On the little bit I looked at (ie one line on Google, I wasn't going any closer!) .....

It would appear to have absolutely nothing to do with Crazy Patch.

Oh, My Sainted Aunt!!!!!!!

*Retires to a corner to stitch and consider options!!!*


Blogger sharonb said...

Oh Dear - I am sorry - firstly that its happened like that

but I couldn't help but laugh at your post - Jerry is giggling too as I read it out to him

what are you going to do?

9:30 pm  
Blogger Chloe said...

I am going to have a very serious discussion with that Dauschaund, and then consider our options!!!!!

10:20 pm  

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