Sunday, 30 January 2005

Making cords

Nickie was asking about the cord on the Mobile Phone cover

Well, when I am making something in a hurry, I just grab anything I can that will bulk up. This one was two strands of #8 #5 DMC perle in green and two in bone, one strand of green ribbon floss, one strand of gold ribbon floss and one strand of gold crochet wool. I think it was the bone together, the crochet wool with the green ribbon floss and the gold ribbon floss with the two green threads. But what goes with what doesn't matter - just each of the three "cords" in the plait (maybe you call them a braid) is made up of a few bits. Whatever I can get my hands on, that tones in with the piece, but with gold for sparkle. Gold is a bit like a universal donor (in blood types) - it goes with anything.

Here's another cord I have made, although it is probably a bit hard to see the detail (and about as close as you will get to a picture of me on this blog!)

That cord is one plait of a commercial purple cord, one plait of green rat-tail with a gold knitting wool and one plait of the first cord I made, which wasn't bulky enough for the work. That was a twist (ie not a plait, a double twist) of purple embroidery threads (DMC stranded) and blue and gold metallic ribbon flosses. I just kept going until it got bulky enough for me. That one would have been too bulky for the mobile cover, but I reckon two of those plaits on it as a double twist would have been brilliant - but I was too impatient.

Nickie also asked about the Lily of the Valley, which is actually a Bluebell, that I want to do. It is one of the Semco Minis - their kit no 6020.0025. But I am just going to substitute cream and white for the two blues and it will be perfect Lily of the Valley. I reckon (says the botanist in me) that the leaves are too ovate for bluebells anyway - but it may be a different one to the species I grow.


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