Saturday, 29 January 2005

Catherine's DYB

Now, having got the mobile phone cover out of my system, I am back on Catherine's DYB. This is a work in progress, and you can see it HERE. Wish I could load direct from flickr, but I have a little anomaly with java that I think is stopping me.

This is a DYB block, and Catherine is sending out a challenge with 3D blocks that are irregular in shape. Have been reading on one of the USA-based lists about joining things without seams - you can put fabric between and then applique down (with some sewing and flipping if you like) on the strips of fabric in between, so the applique overlaps onto the blocks. That MIGHT be the way to go here. But no doubt Catherine will come up with something original.

Back at it - choices:

Continue Catherine's DYB
Put Lily of the Valley on the Suffragette block
Work on Chris's Dragons

Oh Help! decisions, decisions, decisions!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog...such beautiful needlework and the piecework is fabulous! Is the lily of the valley needlework that you plan on using on the suffragette block the same as what I believe to be lily of the valley on the tsunami block? Where do you find these patterns for the flowers? I love the cell phone holder...did you use embroidery thread for the strap?

6:50 am  
Blogger arlee said...

That idea about joining seams without seams seems to be a great idea to use on wearble art too--always hate the mundane part of attaching all the pieces, so maybe that's the way to go--and gives more scope for embellishment, always a good thing!:>

1:01 pm  

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