Saturday, 22 January 2005

Stitch Combination #2

Here is another treatment of Feather Stitch on my Tsunami block. I MAY have seen this elsewhere as flowers in Brazilian, but I THINK the seam adaptation is mine.
Stitch comb2

First I worked the Feather Stitch in green perle, then I worked from my finishing point along the lace, adding a Lazy Daisy around each arm on that side. I do this often with Feather Stitch. Then I came back down the Feather stitch on the other side adding a small straight stitch away from the arm, but in line with it.

Next, I took a large tapestry needle (needs a large eye to punch a large hole, and blunt for lacing) and threaded it with Anchor Aristata - but any thick thread works - Colourstreams silks "Exotic Lights" are good too. Come up just to the right of the arm proper, go under the arm, around and through the straight stitch, back around through the arm, through the straight stitch again and back through the fabric under the arm.

And move on to the next arm. If you are using the Aristata and it starts to unravel, snip the ravel off, and it will last better. Once it starts it is murder!


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