Saturday, 22 January 2005

Tsunami Quilt blocks

Not a lot of stitching been going on here over the past few days, as I continue to battle with a paper (ie not thread or cyber) deadline. But hopefully some soon. Faced with a DYB, a Round Robin (the Last Dragon), the Tsunami Block and the Peacock UFO, I have instead been tatting for fan edgings. Go Figure! And with the amount of tennis to watch, I would have thought some stitching would creep in, but no such luck.

More of my time has been spent in my garden.

However I have had time to find pictures of some of the other Tsunami Blocks, and they are beautiful.

So I think that is what I am off to work upon next. When I have finished clicking on the names under those blocks and surfing around all the lovely work all of those others have produced, quite apart from their Tsunami blocks. I might be gone for days!


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