Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Multiple Piecing

When I was piecing my blocks for the DYB, I also had a play with multiple block piecing, where I drew four blocks on a large piece of backing, with a double seam allowance between them, and put my five-sided piece in the middle of all four blocks. Then I pieced around it (and it was messy!) as if it was one big block.

There was a little bit of latitude though, as there was a "margin for ends" in the margin in the middle.

Then I put tacking lines in to show where the four blocks were, and trimmed back where I have yet to add fans.

This is what I ended up with. I cut out the block from top left, and it has already gone away (after a fan was added), to go in a DYB. Now I just need to add fans to the corners of the three blocks, and this rather odd-shaped block is going off in the Fan Round Robin.

So it would also be an option for people in the Fan Round Robin to send four blocks like this, either separate or one on piece of backing, as long as they do not total more than a 14 inch by 14 inch block (ie four seven inch blocks). There is a lot to be said for working with standard size blocks!!!!

So I will end up with nine blocks for a wall hanging. Six will be by individual people (one person per block), and the other three will be worked on by five different people, who can work wherever they like. It sure will make an interesting wall hanging.


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