Sunday, 23 January 2005

Semco Cross Stitch Minis, Tsunami block and UFOs

Now that I have had a good sleep, I am more ready to contemplate my Tsunami block and think what next.

The Tsunami block, more by good luck than good management, turned out to be reflective of a tropical night on an Indian Ocean Island (palm tree in mother-of-pearl and the threepence as a silver full moon - with an Australian coat-of-arms). The peaceful, regular blue ripples of a lagoon under the full moon. The tatting represents the earthquake away from the lagoon, white lace the confusion of waves going in all directions.

So probably the English bluebell is a bit out of place - unless you decide it is a rare tropical orchid.

But I had wanted to work it for a while, and I needed to break up that big section. It is a Semco Cross Stitch Mini, and I got several at my local needlework shop for $2.95 - they may be a little more elsewhere, but not all that much more. The thing I like about it (and it is the first time I have tried one) is that the chart is exceptionally large and clear. Sometimes you get little kits like this and can hardly read the charts. I have only worked about half of the design, but there appears to be plenty of threads. And I really, really want to convert this to Lily of the Valley somewhere, but haven't got a prospect coming up in the near future.

Hmm, or have it??? It could be just what I want for my next Suffragette block, which I need to get done for the Quilts of Unity. And soon.

So, it is back to thinking What Next?

Dragon Block - I thought it had to be done by 1st Feb, but looking at my chart - that is when it is supposed to arrive. Whew! Has to be finished on 1 March. Move it down the list.

Suffragette Block - needs to be done some time in February

Catherine's DYB - needs to mail 15th Feb

Fan blocks - mailing date 1st March.

Peacock UFO - no deadline, move down to bottom of list. It will make me work on things with other deadlines if I know I am not allowed to touch it until I knock a few over.

And this is the only way I can manage the RRs and UFOs - look carefully at what is due next, and go for it. But don't move the UFO down all the time.

Off to work on Catherine's DYB - the other Semco mini is just perfect for it. But maybe just a little bit of Suffragette Lily of the Valley on the side.


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