Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

The most energetic sharon b over at Pin Tangle runs a Work in Progress Wednesdays, to inspire slow coaches like me to get a wriggle on - so I have decided to post my world-record attempt.

This WIVSP (Work in VERY Slow Progress) was started by my Mother in 1947 as an embroidered supper cloth, which she never finished. I had a go at it in the 1980s, but my embroidery was obviously so unlike hers, that there was no point.

So I have been allowed to cut it up, and "re-birth" it as a wall hanging. Two blocks are totally finished, and four are almost finished - I just need to do the second pass on the Blanket Stitch around the edging.

(The purple purse on the corner is the WIP for next Wednesday - may as well plan ahead.)

This week I have finished Block 9, below. Blocks seven and eight still await however, as do Blocks  ten and twelve - why do anything in order?

This is Block 9 - you can see the whole lot HERE, and find some of the stitch combinations in the sets HERE.


Blogger Renee said...

Beautiful! I love your seam treatments.

3:38 pm  
Blogger Angela said...


12:14 am  
Blogger Annet said...

That's indeed a WIVSP! Love what you're doing with it.

1:17 am  
Blogger Elizabeth Braun said...

You seem to have done a lot of work, Chloe! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Sharon's WIPW 'club' is great for getting us going, isn't it?

4:06 am  
Blogger Queeniepatch said...

I tried once to complete a piece of needlework my mother had started. The difference in our stitching was glaring and like you had to give her work a new life.
By selecting prints and keeping to the same colour range you have not only created a number of beautiful blocks but also honoured your mother.
Keep up the good work!

4:41 pm  
Blogger sharonb said...

I am so pleased to see you blogging and stitching again - I have a huge grin on my face - old friend

8:46 pm  

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