Monday, 9 January 2012

Blogiversary missed!

The incredible sharonb is having her blogiversary - and that reminded me that I was somewhere in January, too, only a year later. Sharon was one of the first, on 9 January 2004.

So I am two days late remembering mine - having started on 7 January 2005. Here is my first post - and that UFO is still not finished, although it is much further down the line. If you don't believe me, you can check it out HERE. :)

So do drop over and wish sharon all the best - she has started a lot of us off on a really rewarding path - and has some thought-provoking insights into the world of blogging. She has blogged consistently most days, whereas I have dropped in and dropped out as family pressures take precedence. But it has still given me a wonderful record of what I have been doing, many friends, and an opportunity to write - some of us just have to write!


Blogger sharonb said...

Happy anniversary to you too ! That first couple of years of blogging was lots of fun
waves with a big smile and a big hug

9:31 am  
Blogger Elizabeth Braun said...

I started about 6 months after you in late June 2005.=) For the first few years, I used to re-vamp my blog on that anniversary. You know, change the colours and maybe even the template, but I no longer really notice it.

BTW, did you ever finish that stumpwork piece you were showcasing all those years ago? (I found you via that photo on a Google image search!) I love stumpwork and am trying to do more myself.

I've also learned from your blog that Aussies use 'vest' like the Americans, which surprised me (unless you're a US transplant!!LOL) To us Brits, a vest is an item of underwear!!! Love the waistcoats you make (my take on 'vest').

6:06 am  

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