Thursday, 1 August 2013

Chevron Stitch Combination 2

Here is the combo I worked yesterday, again. It is based on a Chevron Stitch, and when I worked the second example to take staged shots, I don't think it has worked as well, as they are more staggered. However probably I am the only one who will notice.

So first - work a row of Chevron Stitch, with large-ish "caps"

Second (above), along one side work a Fly Stitch, as in the third from the left, making sure you lock the stitch over the cap of the Chevron. Then work a Detached Chain finished with a Pistil Stitch. I am using three-wraps of the French Knots.

Third (above), work a Fly Stitch closed with a Pistil Stitch. Then work a Pistil Stitch in the V of the Fly Stitch.

I like Fly Stitches, and use them a lot, as I can get them even easier than just adding straight stitches.

I must do a few more for my Chevron Stitch Combinations. I am enjoying getting my stitches organised again.


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