Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Little bit of Stitching

I've been doing a little bit of stitching again - things have been very much against me, one of them being The Dog will not allow me to sit on the couch to do any embellishment - she wants to be involved. We are working on that.

Mainly I have been down at Mum's hostel, where I have a Monday afternoon group of sewing ladies (I sew, they watch), who have been introduced to unpicking ties. And they love my old hand sewing machine.

One of them has a birthday tomorrow, so I have made her a quick broach (which looks more like a mis-shapen rock), from her late husband's ties - all woolen, woven in Ireland. Those ones are being mixed with tailor's samples to make a knee-rug for a bloke.

That is going to be our first project - then make a few bags to go on the front of wheelie walkers for the men - blokey ones, made out of ties, not pretty ones. They are a little resistant to having "girlie" handbags on their walkers. We think they might like the ties. 

Except I really need a Collingwood one (football team, for the non-Aussies) to cut up in front of a mad Magpie supporter - not prepared to shell out the big dollars to buy one.


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I love this idea!

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