Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas Ornies started!

Christmas ornie 2012-01

I know this may sound silly. Very silly. But I have started my 2012 Christmas ornies in January.

There are a few reasons. There is an absolute luxury of tennis and cricket on here to watch at the minute, so I am watching. When that happens, I like something small on which to work - something I will get finished. More and more I am liking the thought of working on very small pieces. Which I probably will not even keep. I missed having a few to pass on this Christmas.

But more than that - I am going to play with the idea of making up a stock of them, and somehow selling a few near Christmas for the auxiliary of the hostel where my mother is.

But all the time experimenting with stitches and techniques on each one. And using a tiny bit of tatting on each.

And maybe a few other things - when I can find them all again. So this is the first one, just hand-pieced, as I was too lazy to get out the machine. I need to revisit piecing, as I can see some parallel lines on there - and them I do not like.

So I shall take it as a challenge to see if I can disguise them.

Stay tuned.


Blogger piney cq said...

Hi Linda! I LOVE the shape for this ornie!! I've been trying to create that shape myself after seeing one made up! Could I ask if you would be willing to share the pattern???

5:14 am  
Blogger Linda said...

Hi Leslie,

I am just about to go out the door on a trip of the greatest importance, so will post it tonight. But the simple instructions are:

Draw a 4 inch square.

Take a bread and butter plate (from memory, it might have been a small dinner plate)and take a "bite" out of each side, using it as the circle shape.

When you make it up, the sides are pulled in by the filling, and the points become more accentuated.

Have been reading your blog - I have been missing in action. Sending much Love.


6:43 am  

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