Monday, 19 September 2011

New Orts Jar

Orts Jar 2011-10-19

I am running late with my Orts Jar post - it was due to be up on 1 September. But do I have news!!!!

I am not sewing a lot, as we have extensive family business, part of which took me away for a while. While away, there I was in Highpoint in Marybynong, looking for a present for someone in hospital, and we found Happy Lab.

I know nothing about this shop - whether it is a chain from overseas, or something just starting here, except that it is a shop full of lollies in beautiful clear plastic bottles that mimic laboratory equipment. It is supposed to mimic that taking pills (lollies) is good for you. I think! Lovely lollies - this one was full of little aniseed jelly beans, that lasted for ever. Even the staff are dressed in white lab coats.

Suddenly, I was in a shop full of different Orts Jars, and I only bought one! I need to go back. They had racks of test tubes, that would make brilliant ones, where I could rack up a few years in a row. And beautiful laboratory beakers.

I had the camera, and didn't even take a picture!

All I have is this, my little miniature Orts Crystal Ball, about three and a half inches, or 8cm tall. I think there were bigger ones, but not sure.

I need to go back. Hopefully next weekend.

This Orts Jar started HERE.


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