Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas Ornies Day 2


Today was supposed to be:

3. (coming up), find sewing machine and fabric. (not as easy as it sounds, some in this house, some 50 minutes away).

However what it turned out to be was:

Step 3 Try to find gold fabric, and fail dismally.

Step 3a. Open whites/creams box as next best. This is a sealed plastic box in the shed. Find fabric all has that terrible damp smell, and little pockets of dust all through it. Still trying to work out why, as it is totally inexplicable. Yes, it went into that box after the flood a couple of years ago, and even if I hadn't noticed the damp, I would have noticed the dirt.

Bugger. Not option for it, but:

Step 3b. Three loads of washing. On delicate, as these are bridal fabrics etc. Many totally ruined.


Step 3c coming up - heck of a lot of ironing.

Meanwhile, I sure need an angel. This is a closeup of the one going on my ornie. I cannot date it, but it is beautiful.


The ornies will resume tomorrow, when the ironing finishes.
Lot of fabric totally beyond saving, and going out. But the rest of the boxes, on a quick look, seem to be okay. Imagine if this happened to my purples!


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