Friday, 8 October 2010

Third Vest UFO

Biblical Vest 1

I am chopping and changing around the two unfinished vests in my UFOs. This is my oldest UFO: my Biblical Vest from a RR in 2001, which also went for a second round in 2003. It has been worked on, in no particular order, Noel, Peggy, Kate, Chris, Vere, Maria, Mary, Sharon, Leisa, Cathy, Nancy, Chris (another one), Rina, and Anne. Although I suspect I can see a tree in there from MIII.

It was pieced over two days for a workshop in 2001, from an old fabric swatch of my mother's - and has very small pieces, so more than a few seams. As it was a Coat of Many Colours, from Thirty Pieces of Fabric, I named it the Biblical Vest, and sent it off to see what would happen.

And back it came, with some wonderful and fascinating stitches.

Now, I just need to finish a few seams - here is one I have just added:

Biblican Vest 2

It is probably not a vest I would wear a lot, but it will hang beautifully as an example of some fascinating stitches.


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