Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Quilts for fire victims

I dropped two of Mum's quilts into the Salvation Army at Traralgon tonight - they have so many donations it looks like it will take forever to sort them.

So at the moment, people will have something to wear, and I didn't check the bedding - but if the rest is anything to go by, they will have immediate bedding.

It is later they will need the things that are just that little bit better, and a little bit more meaningful.

So my quilting co-conspirator and I have six of Mum's in hand, being backed/bound. And she is looking through hers.

Should anyone wish to donate to the people of Gippsland (and this is not in any way to detract from places elsewhere, who have also lost people, in many cases more than our 21 people), I know the Gippsland Emmergency Relief Fund. They are practical, and every cent goes to the people, as all administration is carried out by volunteers. I have seen them at work since 1977. My money has gone to them.


Blogger Sharkeysday said...

My hubby's family is far north of you guys, but we have good friends here in the states who lived in Marysville for years - so sad. Just keep us up to date on what we can all do.

Glad to hear you're ok.

1:02 am  
Blogger Linda S. said...

Have you left us forever????? We miss you.... Hope all is ok..

3:53 am  
Blogger venus said...

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Blogger catsmum said...

well, now I know what you look like! Maz [ Crazyhaberdasher ] came up here this past weekend and gave me a copy of the local rag from a few months ago that had the feature section about locals and their collections - including hers and the bit about Old Gippstown with photo of a certain Linda!!

it's been a while between posts so I hope all's well at your end

5:51 pm  

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