Friday, 2 April 2010

Going from Block 6 to Block 5

Apple Blossom 6d

I am about to declare this block finished. One good thing about the joining technique (crochet), is that it doesn't matter if the blocks are not totally square in the end - it is a very forgiving process.

Apple Blossom 6d-a

I've tried doing this with corners before, and I like it. It is Blanket Stitch with three lengths, then Chain Stitch across them. This one is a bit rough, but I don't mind it. And I needed something in the centre of the tatted motif - to there are some Pistil Stitches, with one French Knot in the centre.

Apple Blossom 6d-b

Then, I decided to highlight the Cherry Blossom (or is it Apple Blossom) on the satin. This fabric is a robe I found in an Opportunity shop. I rather like the effect. Maybe I could also try Blanket Stitch. So I might go back and "Retro Sew" some of the earlier blocks.

Or I might move on to Block #5 - these blocks are NOT in numerical order.

Apple Blossom 5a

For those who have stumbled on this, and wonder what the heck it is - I am trying some self-discipline. It is a "stitching only" work, the only embellishments being added are tatted motifs I do myself. All stitching is in crochet cotton, and every seam is in one colour only.

I won' always stitch like this, but it does allow the pieces of Apple Blossom embroidery, from an unfinished work my Mother started in 1948, shine through.


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