Sunday, 8 July 2007

Comfort Doll

Well, here I am. Inspired by the Comfort Dolls. It is raining, the waters are rising again, and somehow I have lost my entire photo archive from my computer. But I am sure DH will be able to find it in the backups when I finally get back there. Even if not, a lot of them are on Flickr.

So I am avoiding real work, and stuck at the house with almost no resources (apart from a stash shed out the back, but I am not going there, it is raining).

So, what resources do I have? I am sure making a Comfort Doll is no great rocket science.

I have:

Calico for backing and faces.

Nail scissors

Miracle of miracles - two hoops!

And a Mother who was doing a commercial art course by correspondence stuck up in the bush in 1950. And still doodles by drawing fashion model faces. She made the most wonderful paper dolls for me when I was young.

A fine point Laundry Marker

A $1 coin.

Suddenly, I have access to an unlimited number of faces:

Comfort Doll #1

Next, a shape. Well, I am on dialup, so I am not going off looking at websites. I will wing it, and freehand one.


Did I mention is was raining? But I have an ice-cream container full of offcuts in the house.

Guess what colours???

Not worth getting the sewing machine out – here I go!

Thread? Quick raid on Mum’s quilting threads (three drawers full)

Not game to think ahead about what I will do for embellishing threads. They are all at the other house, and I have two nights more at this house yet.

But there is ribbon out in the stash shed. And there was that wool that was going to the op shop ……

But I would kill for some beads and my camera.

Wonder what I can pull apart in my old jewellery box......


Blogger catsmum said...

necessity is the mother of invention, eh?
and you should only ever send wool to the op shop if it's an op shop that I frequent :]

9:00 am  

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