Saturday, 23 June 2007

Bear Book

Oh Dear. I think I am in trouble.

I had seen this book was around, but hadn't had a look at it - it is from the Inspirations stable in South Australia.

Bear Book

This is one of those books that gives detail for every seam treatment, and I wouldn't follow that. I'm not into pretty gardens on bullions at the minute - so I can see some false seams across those feet. I wouldn't even follow the fabrics. But the pattern is good ......

And there are only a few problems ....

It says to make it in two colourways, and I cannot work out what to put with purple, and still make it look good. Maybe dark purple and light purple???? Or purple and mauve? Somehow I don't think that is what the designer means. So I need to work on that a little bit.

A purple, green and white Suffragette Bear doesn't seem to work. Pity.

And the other problem? I don't even like Bears! (Apart from one who lives in South Australia). But good patchwork dragon patterns are hard to find.

And just think how I could substitute tatting for the commercial lace on this one.

Maybe Mauve and Ivory????

What colours would people use, if one of them had to be Purple (or in that family)?


Blogger Margaret said...

Well, your fan quilt has a good colour scheme as far as I'm concerned. But more to the point, I'd wait for a dragon or create one from a regular stuffed dragon pattern. If you make a bear when you really want a dragon, your heart won't be in it.

2:59 am  
Blogger catsmum said...

I'm trying to figure out why exactly you feel you need to follow the 2 colourways suggestion when you're perfectly happy not following the stitch suggestions. You want a purple bear, go make a purple bear. Your sense of colour hasn't let you down recently from what I can see :]
oh and I'll be posting a photo of a 75yr old needlebook in the next day or so, just pour vous [ and crazyhaberdasher Maz ]

9:18 am  
Blogger Bunnies & Lace said...

xgkopIf I were to use purple and I have as it is my favourite I use different shades of purples rather than finding another colour.

Do an internet search for bear patterns if it is just this that you want and there are a lot out there that are free and can be used with crazy quilting.

I do love this pattern for the daintiness of the design it is so soft different than most.

I also agree that you should make a dragon as this would make you so happy and you would be able to embellish it with your heart into it.

9:06 pm  

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