Saturday, 23 June 2007

Tatting Moves to Vest

I've been spending a little bit of time attaching tatting to the Dragon Vest.

There are not a lot of seams left to take this, so I ended up curling the two main pieces around and making them into motifs to break up other areas. This one turned out to be oval, instead of round, and I am trying to think what to put in the middle. At the minute it is an empty frame. A charm wouldn't work, as this is low down on the vest, and that would always be catching on the sleeve.


The one below is a variation of the one above, where I was experimenting a bit. I like it, and think with one more point it would make a wonderful snowflake. I like the way the clover in between the points gives them a bit more space to show off.


Then, because I was filling in some time, and didn't need any more tatting in Dragon colours, I went back to white. There is nothing like the white. Really. Except I was on auto-pilot and went back to the version with only a single ring between the points. Drat!


But I really, really want to head off now and start stocking up on tatting for a Bear. Except I think it needs to be finer than this one, which is a bit coarse. Think this piece will head for a Mirror Block.

Must make some more blocks for that.


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Hi Linda
the pic of my vintage needle book is up now

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