Friday, 16 June 2006

Need a Map a cut lunch and a compass

I need a map, a cut lunch and a compass to find my way home ......

It started like this:

I regularly read the news on the Net, on our National Broadcaster, the ABC. And, on the sidebar they now have these blogs, one of which is Articulate, for the "arts". Now usually I have been a bit disappointed with these blogs - but this one caught my eye as it sort of started out about World Knit in Public Day, and that sort of thing.

Then it was on.

That led me to Craftivism (you need to go in at that point to see the Purple Sheep, and check out the explanation of Craftivism), which led me to the Craftivism blog. Fascinating stuff if you are into academic discussion and want to really strain the boundaries of your mind.

Which led me to Museum Blogging, and the discussion about Craft Hierarchies - you know all that stuff about is it art, or is it craft, or what do you call it. And what Australians call it, as opposed to what others call it. And there are all these sidebar links about the higher end of Museum Thought.

I could be lost in there all day. Except it is my day to head out to my museum (all 42 buildings of it, 43 counting the Cockie's Cage, which I find someone actually catalogued as a building!!!!), and I think my dialogue will be more with a mop than an academic.

But I have had an e-mail talking about another sampler there that has reappeared ......

Stand by for pictures.

But then I went down another by-way, and found this project on Craftivism ....

Be nice to see some of "our type" on there. I wonder if I am game to send a picture of me ....


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