Monday, 5 June 2006

Little Sewing Machine

Not a lot of blogging time around here lately, as life is busy.

So I hope you are not tired of swing machines - this one is a beauty


It is a model A Wanzer from Canada, from about 1875.

When I first saw it in its glass cabinet, I put it aside as a toy machine, as it is only 27cm (10.5 inches) high. But a later examination and research has shown it to be a "proper" machine.

And can you see the fabric on it? It is a bit hard through glass, but it turned out to be the wrong side of a rick rack sampler - different ways of sewing it on.

I took more photos yesterday (these were from a week ago, or so), but shortly after, my camera (read DH's brand new camera) was stolen.

Not happy here.

Back in a couple of days. If you are tired of sewing machines, I am going on to irons next!


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