Monday, 12 June 2006

More on the old embroidery

Thank you all for your comments on the old embroidery. We have now been able to get it off the wall, and it may or may not be quite as old as we thought - ie early colonial. But it is very old.


Still shooting through one piece of glass, this is a detail of the ship - very complex.

And this is a section of the rear - where the paper has totally shattered away.

Scene Rear

The larger version of this is HERE.

There are a few interesting things on the rear. It is very old, as I know how to recognise hand-made nails, and I think it has been framed using them. However the remnants of a framer's label (totally unreadable) can be found, so it is unlikely to be colonial framing.

And the thing that interested me most, as seen here, are that the colours are much more vivid - in a totally different palette to that which I expected. I am going to look at it a little further, but the main threads appear to be something like a very loose #8 cotton a broder. With the rigging of the black being like sewing cotton.

So that's me for a couple of days - back about Thursday. When I may have something to show off from around the edges of the Dragonfly wall hanging.


Blogger Balwearie said...

If those are indeed icebergs in the background, I would hazzard a guess that it's either Alaska of Newfoundland. It's a pity you can't tell more easily from the flags.

9:26 pm  

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