Monday, 26 June 2006

Day 2 of a Hundred Days

Here is another Iron for Day 2 of 100 Details in 100 Days.


My best guess for this one is 1930s - you will see why tomorrow. Although it may be a bit older.

So, imagine doing your Crazy Patch in the 1930s, still with highly inflammable liquid running a fire in the iron. You can see the handle has caught fire at some stage.

As Allison said - scary stuff!


Blogger sharonb said...

sure is scary stuff and this sort of thing reminds me of stories (from my Mum) of having to help with the ironing at 11-12 and saying she could hardly lift it - give me the willies to think of young girls in 'service' etc using equipment like this

5:52 pm  

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