Friday, 3 March 2006

Stitching Along II


Not a lot happening here on my class block. Stuffy, the Stitching Suffragette Dragon thinks there should be more by now. (Thanks to Mary Frances for "Stuff the Magic Dragon" or similar. Stuffy actually nicked one of my Suffragette broaches, and advised me she preferred to be known as "Suffy", but I am ignoring that).


So far, I have worked on:

The ivory section with the rose - I unpicked small sections of seams and put the ivory ribbon in there, then used waste canvas to add the rose on top. I often "cheat" and add lace and ribbon like this after I have pieced - then the seam embellishment holds them in there. Have a peep HERE at what that section looked like before.

This block is a bit of challenge. I am working on it as "Homage to my Sewing Machine", and trying to keep away from excessive floral "prettiness" - almost making it a working block, in keeping with a woman in an apron - in the kitchen rather than the drawing room.

But I have to allow her one rose - there would always be one on the window-sill.

And I have been shopping - and have some braid and ribbon to play with. Then I went searching for a very small pair of embroidery scissors I have had put aside for a while - with no luck. So this is a normal pair, from my late M-I-L's stash - just to put a little of her, as a wonderful seamstress, in there. I am moving them around a lot, as they are a very strong element, but also very powerful.

And a bit of blue tatting, top left, where I am working on breaking up a very contrasty seam. And that is it - better get my skates on.

At this point, I would give absolutely anything to get my hands on one of the old pink cloth tape measures - no prizes for guessing why. If anyone can find one in a junk shop, I am prepared to pay, and make up a very special squishy as well .....

Anyone seen one around anywhere????

And, I need to add the idea is not mine - this work by Laurel, one of my former students, is my inspiration:


And, when I went looking for this photo, for the tape measure, I find the almost exact same pair of scissors.


Blogger Nancilyn said...

I think you're making great progress despite what Stuffy says.
She'd surely snort at mine; I'm just getting to the seam treatments. What do dragons know anyway?
And your sewing theme block is truly precious.

5:22 am  
Blogger Calidore said...

Wow that's looking fantastic. Want to do some of mine???
Don't think I have one of those tape measures, but will ask Mum. Goodness knows what she has hidden away at her house.

4:14 pm  
Blogger Allison said...

Really, truely beautiful. The cross stitch rose just makes the block, I think. But there is obviously some very intelligent design going on here!

6:49 am  

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